Inilah puisi berbahasa inggris berjudul BUNDA. Siapa bunda?, tentu
banyak versi untuk menjawabnya. Tapi kali ini kita jawab dalam versi
puisi. Selamat membaca.

You taught me to hold
Tears pouring rain
To always be patient in the trial

Prostration and kneeling on the Lord ...
You couplet formed by prayer
Take care of the crime
Sweep me away by the dust

That will make me fall ...
You are an inspiration in life
Leads to sweep the obstacles
With that build confidence

Patience and care to create ...
You are a hero throughout the ages
Sweat makes science
Crying makes light guide

Dusk making a new spirit ...
You set the clouds
Will not disappear by the moon
Your love is eternal

Until later I had a dream in a grave ...
Where you stand
Place last steps
Them all miss the place
And a place to complain ...
You (the mother) there is no indelible
By the swift exposure to sea
By the anger of the earth ground
My heart and will always be an integral ...