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When i was 20 i found out that i was pregnant

Abortion poem
When i was 20 i found out that i was pregnant. A few days later i had found out that there were many complications with the pregnancy. The dad and i later decided that because of all the risks it would be the best choice to have an abortion. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t think about it or miss our baby. No matter how much we say it was for the best it will never take away the hurt either of us feel.
More than you will ever know
It is hard to find the words to say
I miss you everyday
You were only apart of me for a while
And now i can only dream of your smile
Life was the gift you did not receive
Mommy and daddy made this decision for the best we believe
I will never forget the pain of letting you go
I love you always and forever,
More than you will ever know
I talk to you every night
I love you, i miss you, goodnight
I know you are living up above
My sweetheart, i give you all my love
One day we will meet again in the sky
And never again say good bye
Mommy loves you with all her heart
One day we will be together and never again apart