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God forgives and still love us despite our past.

Abortion poe This poem is dedicated to my unborn who never had a chance to begin life and to all the single pregnant women alone and scared with no help from anyone. If you are thinking of having abortion please make your decision wisely and on your own not for no one else to make them for you. I have remorse deeply for what i had done. You will never forget that day trust me. I give lots of hugs to all the women who had an abortion. It is time for us to move on to the future. Keep your head up. God forgives and still love us despite our past.

Empty space
I made a choice i will never forget that day
I will remember March 29th always
That day i chose to have you killed
I would do anything to have you back here
A mother suppose to protect and nurture their unborn
I feel empty like my soul has been torn
If only i could change the past
To have you here in my arms
I was so young and afraid
I know i just killed my blessing
All i feel is sadness and pain
I listen to a coward who was not ready for one
Angel, it was your father, he wanted to run
He was not ready and still wanted to have fun
I should have put you number one
You would have been here
I would have been a mother and sung
Please Lord forgive me for what i done
I hope to see my angel in heaven
I feel terrible and have learned my lesson
In life i am miserable and stressing
I fell so guilty all i do is cry
I am so alone, depressed, and at times wish i could die
Why did i have to take your precious life?
You were my first and only pregnancy
Everyday you were growing in my belly
I was scared, poor, and did not have any help
Your father who help make you was in fear
All he did was talk about child support checks.
I am the one to blame for all of this I am in tears.
I was all by myself and no one seem to care
I thought abortion would be the very best.
Now that decision has made me suffer with many regrets.
Trials and tribulations in life oh this is such a bad test.
Why life haft to be so unfair?
This is what I'm going to have to face with everyday.
I will never have peace until I go in my grave.
I will love you my angel always.
I just wish I could make this curse feeling go away.
The never ending feeling of EMPTY SPACE...