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The Baby Must Be

Abortion Poem
I was asked to write this poem by a friend whose niece was distraught because she was pregnant and was addicted to drugs. She felt because of the drugs it was best to have an abortion. Her uncle showed her this poem and told her it was not too late to stop using the drugs. He also promised that the family would be there for here. The girl decided to quit drugs and have the baby. I know the baby was born healthy but i don’t know how they are doing today as e result of losing contact with her uncle.

The Baby Must Be
The baby conceived,
without being planned.
A night of passion,
with an unknown man.

Thi girl is distraught,
the man is long gone.
The intimate moment,
doesn’t linger on.

The girl is confused,
knows not what to do.
The friends that she has,
are precious and few.

The girl’s family,
will shun her for sure.
If she tells the thruth,
they’ll love her no more.

The thoughts in her head,
ungodly at best.
I can’t have this child,
my life is a mess.

The drugs that i’m on,
have taken their toll.
They role my body,
my mind and my soul.

The answer’s simple,
it’ll just take one day.
She’ll have the clinic,
sweep the baby away.

The lord in her heart,
says,’’please trust in me”.
And deep down inside,
she knows the baby must be.