Bisnis Investasi

The Gift Poems

The Gift
I received a gift from a stranger,
a stranger i did not know
I had heard his name before,
but just in passing, so i let it go

I did not think it was a gift,
but rather a terrible burden
They said it was nothing i wanted,
of this they were certain

I was told it was something bad,
and more than i could bare
No one mentioned it was precious,
it was as if they didn’t care

I sent the gift back to the stranger,
where it came from up above
If only i had met him sooner,
i would have seen the gift was made with love

Instead i treated the gift like it was,
i quickly sent it back
They told me i did the right thing,
but they left out an important fact

See the gift was made just for me by a stranger,
and god was his name
I had never even noticed him,
yet he loved me just the same

He had created that precious gift,
each piece he made by hand to my surprise
And yet i didn’t even see it,
my life was based on lies
Abortion Poems
As a post abortive woman, i realize that the shame of my abortion kept me from revealing how an abortion really affected my live to others. It is our fear of admiting what we have done that separates us from God. If more women would come foward, we could reveal the truth about abortion and the life long pain it causes.